jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

Dessert quesillo

Rich typical dessert of our country, is prepared all the year round, the major consumption is during the holidays(parties) decembrinas in the traditional Christmas dinner.

Ingredients to prepare a quesillo.
· 2 eggs
· 4 spoonfuls of sugar
· 1 potecito of condensed milk
· 1 teaspoonful of rum


.-Vertir in a Mixer(Beater) the content of the pot of milk, both eggs and the teaspoonful of rum, to liquefy them during 5 minutes.

.-To place in a small pot four spoonfuls of sugar, to put it to slow fire until it(he,she) dissolves. To place the content liquefied in the pot and to put it to Maria's bath during 60 minutes, to leave it to cool and to serve it.

La casa ideal

The ideal house

I gasp to have a good house, with five bedrooms, two of them for familiar(family) guests in order that they remain to sleeping. There must have a wide library, a modest lounge for the accomplishment of the holidays(parties) included an excellent sound system with his(her,your) video correspondent.
Inside the same one there can not be absent a small bar supplied with major Scots of age. The building must be located in the center of the area, surrounded with a beautiful garden and artificial swimming pools, certainly two good cars cannot be absent.

Technology Advances

In the full 21st century, the advances and technology developments are essential to be connected by the world. Of these innovations we name some of them: the Internet like example. A familiar(family) member who is very far from his(her,your) family for motives of works, trips, between(among) other reasons. Turn and to communicate already it is not a problem, with the Internet they can turn and to speak itself.

martes, 3 de junio de 2008


Maracaibo May 28, 2008

To: Mayor of Maracaibo
Atte: Dr. Giancarlo D`Martino
From: TSU. Jose Arraga

Since the beginning of its management Maracaibo transformed this almost in its entirety. Over the past ten years the capital of Zulia has the best mayor in its entire history, you do hard work to achieve all its objectives, in order to beautify the development, urbanization, among other goals he has achieved and I congratulate him on his management,
A person publishes in the region as important as you can not do everything perfectly if you do not have a team committed to you and your goals p0ara help maximize the attainment and achievement of objectives.
Over a year ago the institution offer made to all Residential Nazarene located in Amparo, parish Cacique Mara, change and changing facades outside the thirteen buildings, which have not started work.
Promises unfulfilled as these damage their management, probably will not know about it and this is the main reason not to have begun work. Follow successfully starting his political career and once referred to the work of the residential complex.

Yours waiting for prompt response in this regard

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